Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How I broke my leg

Everyone seems to be asking how I broke my leg.  So let me tell you.  The weekend of October 10th and 11th I was at a Christian men's conference called Men at The Cross.  Men at The Cross is unique.  It was developed by Bob Hudson who has masters degrees in biblical counseling and divinity.  First you hear biblical teaching, then you are asked deep questions like a biblical counselor would ask (how does this apply to me), then you work on applying it to your life using physical processes.  If you have problems trusting God, then you do a trust fall.  If you feel like sin is holding you back then they tie ropes to you and you have to break free.  It is the coolest men's conference ever, it is like Bible and team sports.  At the end of the day on Saturday, you have a victory dance.  We were dancing around like a bunch of college kids.  That is when I broke my leg.  There were about eight guys doing chest bumps like you see NFL players do on TV.  I was mid air doing a chest bump and I was clipped by someone else doing a chest bump.  I twisted my left leg and then fell down on it.  It was an accident.  It could have happened to any of us there. 

I can see the grace of God through my broken leg.  God works all things for good.
  • I broke my leg and Dr. Dennis Kinlaw, an ER doctor was on staff to treat me immediately
  • I had brothers surrounding me in prayer.
  • I had brothers to lay my head on their knee, hands to grip while my leg was being set, and hands to calm me down.
  • The paramedics arrived in two minutes, despite us being at a camp in the middle of nowhere.
  • I was able to share the gospel with Ben, Jessica, Ashley, Christine, and Curtis using the Evangelism Explosion and my testimony which I prepared through Your Story Counts.  The short testimony was perfect for the few minutes that I had with each medical practitioner.  Thank God our Sunday school class was going through that.
  • I was blessed to have Dennis Kinlaw work for me for free in the ER.
  • Brothers came to the hospital to pray.
  • The surgery was scheduled to occur only twelve hours after I arrived.
  • The hospital that I was brought to is ranked one of the top ten orthopedic hospitals in the nation.
  • The hospital room that I was put in was a brand new room.
  • I was ate, was discharged, and had my pain medication all within 45 minutes.  Dr. Kinlaw had me discharged in 15 minutes.  Normally it takes 24 hours.  Dr. Kinlaw took the script for my pain medication to the pharmacy.  
God is so good.  Here are some before and after pictures of my leg.  I have a lot of hardware in there.