Thursday, March 26, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 55

A quick update. Your prayers are working, Samuel was able to drink an entire bottle last night for the first time. Keep praying.

God is good.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 54

The nurse from disability services came today. Samuel continues to favor turning his head to the right and can't lift his head up when he is on his tummy. Samuel was sedated with his head turned to the right the first month after he was born. The doctor at the BPD clinic said that Samuel needs more physical therapy. Samuel is getting physical therapy once a month. Leyla is going to try to get physical therapy for Samuel at least once a week. She is going to call and see what can be done through the three insurances that we now have.

It has been a busy week with the right recliner on the couch breaking, the refrigerator breaking, and going to the Men of Valor conference. The refrigerator is fixed now and the recliner is in the process of being fixed.

Praise God we now have an oxygen tank refilling system. Leyla is able to use the oxygen tanks to go out more without fear of running out of oxygen.

Samuel has a really wonderful dimple. I hope to post some more pictures soon.

Thanks everyone for the prayers, meals, and continued help.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Deleting .svn Folders for Subversion Using C#

This past weekend I needed the ability to programmatically delete the .svn folders used by subversion in my project. I created some code in C# to change the subversion files to be writable and delete them.

Here is how to use it:

Here is the code:

public static void DeleteSubFolders(string folderPath, string wildcardPattern, bool top)


String[] list;

//If we are at the top level, get all directory names that match the pattern

if (top)

list = Directory.GetDirectories(folderPath, wildcardPattern, SearchOption.AllDirectories);

else //Get directories and files for matching sub directories

list = Directory.GetFileSystemEntries(folderPath, wildcardPattern);

foreach (string item in list)


//Sub directories

if (Directory.Exists(item))


//Match all sub directories

DeleteSubFolders(item, "*", false);


else // Files in directory


//Get the attribute for the file

FileAttributes fileAtts = File.GetAttributes(item);

//If it is read only make it writable

if ((fileAtts & FileAttributes.ReadOnly) != 0)


File.SetAttributes(item, fileAtts & ~FileAttributes.ReadOnly);





//Delete the matching folder that we are in

if (top == false)





Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 53

I haven't had an update in a while and I know you are wondering what is going on. We have been busy taking care of Samuel. Samuel continues to be on the .4 Liters of oxygen per minute as before. He is taking around 20ml in the bottle and 80ml in the feeding tube. Samuel had a normal checkup with our family doctor. He is normal, height, weight, and motor skills despite all that has gone on. That is certainly good news. The doctors at Children's hospital would like for Samuel to take the entire 100ml by bottle. That would be a specific thing you can pray for. Below are some pictures. Enjoy. Click the pictures to make them bigger.