Monday, October 29, 2007

Commodore 64 Beats Vista in Key Performance Metric

How could the venerable 1 Mhz Commodore 64 beat out the brand spanking new Vista OS which requires hardware of at least a Ghz? The C64 beats Windows hands down when it comes to boot time. Yes, of course the C64 OS is on a chip so that is why you can literally turn on the computer and you are up and running. Even if you use the Hibernate mode in Windows, Vista startup time is not instantaneous.

It is time to put Windows on Flash RAM

Flash RAM has really come down in pricing. It would be great if we could have instant boot time again. We could stick the OS Flash RAM chip, mabye an SD card in a special slot in the front of the PC. When we need to migrate PCs, we simply plug it into the front of the new PC. The chip could be password protected with a GUID so as to prevent theft.

I guess the alternative is to put the flux capacitor (from Back to the Future) in the PC so it can start booting before we need it. A good application would be a giant RV going 88 MPH.

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