Friday, May 15, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 60

There has been a few changes since the last update. The doctor changed Samuel's acid reflux medicine from Zantac to Prevacid. Zantac combats the acid after it is produced. Prevacid prevents acid from being produced in the first place. The doctor said it would be a couple weeks before we noticed a difference.

Leyla took Samuel to the physical therapist this week and an occupational therapist for feeding. Samuel didn't like the physical therapy at all and screamed for an hour. He did better with the feeding therapy. Leyla picked up a couple feeding tips. Samuel is slowly taking more volume per bottle. He sometimes takes up to 50ml. This is an improvement from two weeks ago where he was taking between 10ml and 25ml. The goal is for Samuel to take 110ml.

I went to the BPD appointment with Leyla last week. We were finally able to get a referal for a gastrointranologist. They are so busy the appointment is not until the end of July. The GI doctor will be able to better handle Samuel's acid reflux and prescribe solutions.

Keep praying.

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