Monday, May 3, 2010

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 72

Praise God, Samuel has been moved out of PICU into a regular room. He is off oxygen now. He still has some drainage from his chest tubes. Samuel is still in pain. You can tell when the morphine wears off. Samuel is eating a little, but only for Leyla. Thankfully my parents have come to help to take care of the girls while Leyla is with Samuel. Samuel will be out of the hospital in days.

You can pray specifically for:
1. Samuel's pain
2. That Samuel would heal quickly.
3. Leyla's emotional well being. It is difficult seeing your child going through such difficulty.
4. That the BPD Doctor would give Samuel a green light to go on vacation. The kids have been looking forward to this vacation for 2 years and have been counting the days. Leyla is petrified to take Samuel out of the area of Children's Hospital should something happen again. Leyla wants me to take the kids without her on vacation. I am petrified to leave Leyla alone with Samuel. Does anyone know if there is a good children's hospital at Myrtle Beach?

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ftmomma said...

Greg, I just found this online: If you click on the first one, the MUSC Children's Hospital, you will see that it was recently ranked one of America's best children's hospitals. Also, there is a link for asking a nurse - maybe you could find out how close this place is to where you are staying and how much experience their doctors have with children with CDH?? Continuing our prayers.