Friday, June 21, 2013

Sogeti, there is simply no comparison...

I always get a good chuckle when I receive the recruiter spam from linked in or calls from other companies asking me to come and work for them.  The grass isn't greener; no matter how many times a day Kaleb Dumont sends me an email.  Sogeti simply has better opportunities and better benefits.  I have many years before I reach retirement.  I figured it out this past weekend that I will be able to retire earlier because of the high 401K matching that Sogeti is doing.  Here is a theoretical example of how a salary would compare for a developer at another company vs. the same salary at Sogeti:

Item Other Company Sogeti Notes
Example Base Salary $50,000.00 $50,000.00
401K Match $1,500.00 $4,500.00 Sogeti matches $1.50 per $1.00 up to 6%. Typical companies match up to 3%.
Profit Sharing $- $2,500.00 5% profit sharing also goes into the 401K
Individual Bonus Program $- $2,500.00 $2,500 is the minimum if you are billable for a year
Laptop $- $1,500.00 Dell Lattitude
MSDN Universal Subscription $- $10,000.00 Architect Edition of Visual Studio
Effective Salary $51,500.00 $71,000.00

Also, the health insurance has no monthly payments.  It is an HSA with a high deductible.  If you are not sick that often, it is a great benefit.  Try plugging in your salary and see what you come up with.  I would bet you that Sogeti comes out on top.  Contact me if you are interested in joining Sogeti.

Sogeti Comparison

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