Monday, March 9, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 53

I haven't had an update in a while and I know you are wondering what is going on. We have been busy taking care of Samuel. Samuel continues to be on the .4 Liters of oxygen per minute as before. He is taking around 20ml in the bottle and 80ml in the feeding tube. Samuel had a normal checkup with our family doctor. He is normal, height, weight, and motor skills despite all that has gone on. That is certainly good news. The doctors at Children's hospital would like for Samuel to take the entire 100ml by bottle. That would be a specific thing you can pray for. Below are some pictures. Enjoy. Click the pictures to make them bigger.


Stacy Brown said...

The pictures are wonderful! So good to see him in your arms at home! Praise the Lord!

mhutsell said...

Such a handsome BIG dude. I love a big boy! SO good to see him home where he belongs. Try to slow life down and enjoy him while he is still like this...soon enough he will be begging to go outside every minute, jumping off the highest object, playing in the dirt, and running around with dangerous tools in his hands! :D He will truly change the face of the Finzer family! I know you can hardly wait!