Thursday, March 19, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 54

The nurse from disability services came today. Samuel continues to favor turning his head to the right and can't lift his head up when he is on his tummy. Samuel was sedated with his head turned to the right the first month after he was born. The doctor at the BPD clinic said that Samuel needs more physical therapy. Samuel is getting physical therapy once a month. Leyla is going to try to get physical therapy for Samuel at least once a week. She is going to call and see what can be done through the three insurances that we now have.

It has been a busy week with the right recliner on the couch breaking, the refrigerator breaking, and going to the Men of Valor conference. The refrigerator is fixed now and the recliner is in the process of being fixed.

Praise God we now have an oxygen tank refilling system. Leyla is able to use the oxygen tanks to go out more without fear of running out of oxygen.

Samuel has a really wonderful dimple. I hope to post some more pictures soon.

Thanks everyone for the prayers, meals, and continued help.

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ftmomma said...

Don't forget - I still have some food for you over here, now that your freezer is back in working order. I'm happy to bring it over anytime, or hang onto it for you if that's more helpful. I must say though, with two growing boys in the house it is dangerous to leave much food around for too long - it might disappear! Can't wait to see the dimple. Take care,