Thursday, April 9, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 56

It has been a busy roller coaster of a couple weeks. Samuel took out his feeding tube and is now totally on the bottle. That is a huge step forward. Leyla met with the Surgeon that performed Samuel's surgery and the surgeon said we will wait until Samuel is one year old until the gortex patch is removed in Samuel's belly. Leyla met with the nutritionist, she said that because Samuel is not gaining any weight he should take PediaSure vanilla flavor. Now that Samuel is drinking that vanilla flavored PediaSure, he smell likes vanilla. The room smells like vanilla too. Leyla also met with two physical therapists. They gave Leyla additional exercises to do with Samuel. Pray for Leyla's patience. Samuel has been very fussy the past few days with his feedings. Pray that Samuel would eat well during the day. He tends to catch up at the midnight feeding.

Thanks for the cards and letters. It means so much.

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