Thursday, April 16, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 57

Leyla took Samuel to the BPD clinic yesterday. Samuel grew but he did not gain any weight. Samuel was supposed to take 600-740ml per day but he was taking around 300ml per day. The feed tube is back in. He is to remain on Pedia Sure until the next appt on May 6th. He will be re-evaluated then. We bought a couple swaddle wraps so that he doesn't try to pull out the feeding tube during his feeding. Please pray that Samuel would do better with his feeding. There will be another appointment soon with a feeding consultant.

They spent more time with Leyla to try and see if she has post partum depression. She wasn't diagnosed with it but Leyla tends to keep things to herself. She acts like she is happy to people outside the immediate family. She is really having a rough time since Samuel has been cranky, not eating, and having a month of giving him 24 hour care with about 4 hours sleep per night. This would affect anyone. We are going to seek professional help for Leyla. Please pray for Leyla that God would give her the peace that passes all understanding.

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you, too, Greg, as you strive to maintain the strength of character to be the person that Leyla, Crystal, and Samuel can lean on during these stressful times.