Friday, April 30, 2010

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 70

My 16 month old beautiful baby boy, Samuel had his right lung collapse yesterday. He is currently in the NICU. He just had a CT-Scan which revealed that the hole in his diagram has reopened and his intestine is moving up into the lung cavity. Please pray for our family as we go through what will probably be another long stay for Samuel at Children’s Hospital. As you can imagine, Leyla and I are pretty broken up about it. Samuel was doing so well and now this is quite a set back. It is so severe that Samuel will be having a surgery today to put the intestine back down and sew up the hole.

Please pray.

Also pray for my four year old, Jasmine. She has intestinal flu. I am taking care of her while Leyla is right by Samuel’s side.

God is faithful. He is going to bring us through this trial too.

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Steve Horn said...

So sorry to hear this!

Will be praying for your family.