Monday, January 5, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 34

Great news; they started giving Samuel Leyla's milk. They started him out with 5ml yesterday morning then ramped up to 20ml during the night. Today they are planning to give him 30ml. 30ml is about an ounce.

They haven't taken him off the ventilator yet. He is still around 32% oxygen. They tried lowering it but he couldn't tolerate it.

More updates later.


BethMc3 said...

woohooo!!! Mommy's milk! How exciting. Go Samuel.

Stacy Brown said...

Yeah! Mommy's milk! This is great news....all that pumping will now pay off!

momof8wm2006@yahoo,com said...

So glad to hear that Samuel is doing so good! We have been praying for him since we met last week in the family resource room. Never doubt the power of prayer!
Sherry,Jerry & Jacob Angelo