Sunday, January 11, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 39

Samuel is doing well. They took out his pic line yesterday (this was the line that they were giving him the medicines and the intravenous feeding). He is doing fine with Leyla's milk. They put in some more calories and protein to strengthen him.

He is about 40% oxygen. Remember this oxygen is through the nose. He is doing all the breathing on his own. He does well when he is content. When he is hungry or has a dirty diaper his oxygen levels decrease.

This has been a rough couple days for the rest of the Finzer family. The girls have had a fever for the past two days. Last night Leyla and I were up for the whole night because Leyla was so sick with a fever (103 degrees). We slept with a bucket between us because she was naseous. This morning I took Leyla to urgent care. She was diagnosed with sinusitis. They put her on a strong antibiotic. I am starting to get sick since I had no sleep last night. Leyla and I stayed in bed all day today to try to recover.

My mom and dad just arrived and they will be helping with the girls and helping Leyla get better. Please pray for Leyla she is taking it really hard that both her girls are sick and she is sick and none of us can go see Samuel in the hospital. If you can send Leyla a funny get well soon card I am sure it would lift her spirits.

Leyla Finzer
1411 Kellerman Court
Columbus, OH 43228

Thanks to all of you that have given toward the medical bills. I have a peace knowing that there is money in the bank as the bills are rolling in. I just sent out $800 yesterday towards the birth. When it rains it pours. Our garbage disposal just bit the dust about an hour ago. I thank God that we are able to replace that too.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of Samuel and Leyla a couple days ago. She didn't have a fever then but she still had to wear a mask, a gown, and gloves to be with Samuel.


mhutsell said...

He is SO SO SO precious. What a doll baby! I love how strong willed he is...though that may get him in big trouble in just a few short years :). I love that he demanded that vent tube out and is breathing on his own..he looks so much less sick without that tube. He looks healthy and sweet! Thanks for the pics. M.

Rachel said...

I was able to go visit Samuel today and he is SOOO very precious. The pictures do not do him justice. He is such a handsome little boy! He kept crossing his little eyes trying to focus on me. He was a little fussy when I got there and I asked the nurse if holding him helped. She said yes, so I put the gown on and was able to hold him and sing to him. Didn't sing Old MacDonald to him though, I figured that was your song :). I did sing Jesus Loves Me though. He got a little fidgety and fussy, but within minutes he let a few fluffers, filled his pants and he was happy again. Just like a man! :) He loves the mobile on his crib too, he really responds to the music. There's a bouncy seat all ready for him in the room too whenever he's ready. He is such a little blessing and I'm so very glad that I got to go up and see him. He is beautiful!!

RachelW said...

So great to see these pics! He is adorable!