Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 40

There have been no changes the past couple of days with Samuel. He is still on the same level of oxygen and the same amount of milk. The doctors are not planning any other changes.

A few praises, my Dad was able to fix the garbage disposal. Leyla's fever broke and she is doing much better. The girls are recovered from their fevers. However it looks like as of this morning Jasmine (my 3 year old) has a urinary tract infection.

Pray that Samuel will get stronger so they could reduce his oxygen. Right now he is kind of stuck. Pray for Leyla as she still has Mastitus and is in pain. Pray for Jasmine, she is in a lot of pain and was screaming in the early morning.

I went to the Social Security Administration yesterday to apply for Social Security Income for Samuel. It is not much; $30/month but we have to be approved for that before I can apply for Medicaid for Samuel. The idea is that the Medicaid will be used as a secondary insurance when Samuel has his second surgery to remove the gortex patch in his abdomen.

Thanks for praying. Thanks for all the visits to Samuel while we are sick, it means a lot. I am working with my cold but I am staying away from Samuel.

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mhutsell said...

It is such a hard time of year with a newborn and sickness. I dread bringing home a baby with all the sickness we pass around here. Right now we have a cold, an ear infection, diarrhea, name it...someone has had it. Praying you all get well soon and that Samuel begins moving forward again. Love, M.