Friday, February 6, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 46

Today has been an up week on the Samuel roller coaster. They moved Samuel into the chronic NICU and gave Leyla a long term parking pass. Samuel will be there a while. The room is much nicer than the main NICU pod which had like 20 babies all in one room. Samuel could hardly sleep with all the monitor alarms and babies crying. I think Samuel will do much better in his own room.

He had trouble feeding from the bottle this week. A big praise though is that yesterday Leyla was able to breast feed him. Samuel did really well with that. After feeding from Leyla, Samuel is noticeably more relaxed and is not breathing as fast. Leyla is really happy. I am really happy. Her mom is really happy.

They lowered his oxygen to from .5 to .4 Liters/Hour. They also increased his feeding from 70ml to 75ml (this is a little over two ounces).

When I saw Samuel last night he was doing really well. He was content. I will post some pictures tomorrow for all of you.

Thanks to all of you that are helping take care of the girls while Leyla is feeding Samuel.

I have a request for whoever is reading this blog; we need help for about 2 hours tonight for someone to take care of the kids. We have a parent teacher conference at 6:40pm. I know it is short notice. Leyla's mom can't help since she has another commitment.

Thanks for your prayers.

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Nate Ellis said...

Greg, it's so good to hear about Samuel's improvement via nursing. Karigan really made a lot of progress quickly when Bethel was able to stay at the hospital and feed her every time. May the Lord continue to answer our prayers!