Friday, February 20, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 50

Bad news on Samuel. They just did the gastro intestinal exam today. They found that Samuel has a malrotated intestine. This will have to be corrected with another surgery before Samuel comes home. It is not causing any immediate problems but it would cause problems with solid foods in the future. This problem is common with babies born with a D-Hernia.

Our boy has been through a lot and it pains me to see him go through another surgery. I love him dearly. We just found out about this. At this point we have many questions. When did this happen? Is this causing the problem with the bottle feeding? As soon as I know more, I will let you know.

Thanks so much for praying.

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languagebee said...

Hi Greg and Leyla,
I just read your post on Samuel. My heart goes out to you both. Know that this is just another bump in the road. We will pray for strength and peace.
My next door neighbor's little boy had the same thing. He was a preemie(27weeks)as was his baby sister-both of whom are healthy as can be!! Anyway, they discovered this when he was about 10 months old while doing some other testing. He had the surgery and did very well. Apparently the intestines are malrotated and can easily twist on itself. The finding and corrective surgery are a life saver b/c if not corrected it can twist at anytime in life with very devastating results before anyone realizes what is happening. I know this is a shock and very upsetting and confusing but thankfully it can be corrected and was found before any damage. My neighbor's little boy had it done at Children's and I am sure she would talk to you about it. They went through many ups and downs with him as he was born so very premature--only weighed 2.4lbs. They then went through the whole thing again 2 years later when his sister was born also 13 weeks early. Both children spent the first 3 months there(Brennan has gone back a few more times for minor things and continues to do well) and she knows the NICU all too well. We are praying!!!