Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 51


Great news. God is so good. The doctor that performed the Gastronomic Intestinal Exam overreacted. Samuel will not need a surgery for his malrotated intestine in the near future. After Samuel gets home we will need to watch that Samuel does not have severe vomiting or constipation. If he does then we will need to take him to the emergency room.

One of the things that they found out when they did the GI Exam is that Samuel's stomach settled directly under the gortex patch that they put in when he had the surgery to correct the D-Hernia. This means that there will be no G-Tube going directly into his stomach. He will continue to use the feeding tube which is going down his nose.

Over the past few days Leyla and I have been scheduling and attending appointments so that Samuel can come home. The doctor called this morning and she said that Samuel could come home today!!!!!! It is going to be another crazy day for us. Thanks for your prayers and cards.

To Do Today:
  • Get training on Oxygen System
  • Get training on Apnea Monitor
  • Buy new car seat because ours was expired
  • Meet with nutritionist
  • Meet with pharmacy
  • Bring Samuel home :)


Anji Morey said...


This is terrific news! God is so good, all the time! My eyes filled with tears reading this post and I am so happy for your family that Samuel is finally coming home!

Stacy Brown said...

Praying that this transition for you is smooth. So much information can be overwhelming, but I know that God will continue to be your strength as you bring your baby home and now you never have to leave him again. May Samuel thrive in the comfort of the Finzer house and in the arms of his family!