Sunday, February 8, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 47

Samuel is doing well. He is now taking two feedings a day from Leyla. He is now visibly showing off for mom when she is there.

He was able to reach the mobile and is now hitting the animals. These are some of my favorite pictures. When Samuel thinks something is cool he makes an ooooo face.

My parents are coming down until Thursday to give the neighbors and the church a break. It takes a lot of help to put Crystal on the bus, get Crystal from the bus and take care of the girls while Leyla is at the hospital feeding Samuel. I can say enough how grateful we are to all of you. More updates later. Thanks for praying.


ftmomma said...

OH MY GOODNESS what a little sweetheart! He is getting so much bigger and so much more hair!!! He looks like he is ready to jump right up from that bed and start dancing with his sisters. He is most definitely a Finzer.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...little Greg! It is so hard to believe that that baby is anything other than perfectly healthy. He looks so GOOD! We are praying that his little body is soon ready to go home to be loved on by those girls. Love you guys! Melissa

Wendy Summerhill said...

He looks great - oh so darling!