Friday, February 20, 2009

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 49

Samuel sometimes drinks a lot from the bottle and sometimes drinks a little. On Tuesday, Samuel took only a small amount when being held by Leyla. On Wednesday when neither of us could go, he drank a lot. Yesterday when I held him he took a little. I am thinking that Leyla and I are too exciting and Samuel would rather talk and coo to us than drink. Because of all this up and down with the bottle, the doctor is going to give Samuel some extra time. Samuel will still be coming home in March, just not the first week of March.

Samuel is still breathing kind of fast; 50-70 bpm. He is doing better little by little though.

This week they are going to do a gastro intestinal workup to see where his stomach is. This is in preparation for the G-Tube if he needs it.

Samuel sure is a cutie.

Praise God that the business is doing okay this month despite the recession. Thank God that the federal and state tax refunds are in quickly so that we can pay some bills. Thank God for all of you that are bringing meals, bringing Crystal from the bus stop, taking care of the girls. Thank God for all of the prayers for Samuel.

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