Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 10

There have been no changes made to any of Samuel's levels since last night. We had a slight car accident last night when we came home from the hospital. There was black ice on La Forge Drive in our subdivision. We slid around a corner and bent the rim of the left front tire. Dad says we will probably need a new rim. My mom and dad said they will stay here until the cars are both operational. We are planning to stay here today since there is so much ice. The city truck that was laying down sand this morning on our culdesac was sliding around and almost had an accident.

We took several pictures last night when my daughter Crystal visited her brother Samuel:

Crystal & Greg with Samuel

Leyla Crystal and Greg with Samuel

Our handsome Samuel

Priscilla (Leyla's mom) and Crystal praying for Samuel

Leyla with Samuel

Priscilla praying for Samuel


mhutsell said...

So beautiful. Love Priscilla praying over him. Wonderful pics...Leyla looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. M.

Joni- From Summerhill said...

Beautiful baby!... We are thinking about you and praying for you. Keep your heads up!....

Stacy Brown said...

We enjoyed having the girls so much today - Abby is already asking if they are coming "amorrow"
You keep praying over that baby - God is Mighty! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Lori said...

What beautiful pictures! Leyla - you are as beautiful as over! And Greg... what a proud daddy! Thanks for sharing. We continue to pray for Samuel and your whole family.

Todd Kaufman said...

Greg, The pictures of you always smiling even in times like these say a lot about you as a person. I know your family will be ok as I know you and Leyla will provide a strong foundation for the times ahead. Samuel is already looking like a healthy little baby. Best of luck to you all.