Monday, December 29, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 28

Samuel's blood gas last night was good so they were able to take out the arterial line. They had to increase the oxygen slightly to 36%. They are not planning to make any other changes today.

I talked to another doctor today. All of them are reluctant to give any time frame of how long Samuel could be in the hospital. The only thing I have heard is a range from 2 months up to a year. It all depends on Samuel.

The doctor said the next hurdle would be to change the feeding though the feeding tube. Currently Samuel is being fed intravenously with lipids and will not gain any weight or grow while he is on that. Nothing is better than the mother's milk. They will start feeding him when the fluid is gone from his stomach. There is a tube which suctions his stomach every few seconds. Please pray specifically that the fluid would be reduced in his stomach so he could start to be fed with Leyla's milk. Pray also that he would be able to keep the milk down.

Samuel is tired today. He didn't open his eyes for daddy. He did make expressions with his forehead when I sang to him.

Praise God that Leyla's milk production is going well. Pray for her continued strength.

More updates later.


mhutsell said...

Well, if Samuel keeps being will be no time at all before he is home...eating Mexican food! Praying he can start momma's milk SOON!

Stacy Brown said...

We're still praying every day for Samuel's continued strength and healing. I pray for endurance, peace and comfort for you and Leyla. Looking forward to hearing that he has started on Momma's milk and is doing just fine with it! Keep pumping Leyla! I bet he is going to be a BIG eater!