Saturday, December 20, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 15

Samuel is doing fine is still at 36% oxygen which is really good. They reduced the sedative from 10MCG/KG to 5MCG/KG. He is more active now. He is actually mad at all of the wires and the ventilator now. He is a strong boy. He was actually trying to pull out the ventilator during the night of the birth.

There will be a heart ultrasound tomorrow and then the scheduling for the surgery will occur.

Leyla is going to take care of Crystal tomorrow. Crystal has a slight cold. I am planning to go to church. More updates later.

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mhutsell said...

This is just my guess but I am betting it will be hard for Leyla to go to church w/o Samuel. Perhaps not...but I thought of that this morning as I thought it is no fun to have a beautiful baby and not be able to show him off at church the first chance you get. I sure could understand that. A mommy's heart is not whole without her little guy there. I am looking forward to hearing that Samuel will get his surgery and that God will heal him and bring him home quickly! Love you all! M