Thursday, December 18, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 12

Another normal crazy day.

Samuel had to be bumped up from 45% oxygen to 50% oxygen today after his test run on the conventional ventilator yesterday. We went to visit him in the hospital. It was something else to see him smiling in his sleep like newborns do. Jasmine was able to see Samuel for the first time. She was afraid of all the equipment in the room. We had to bring her. She had a melt down after her slipper came off. Jasmine is her normal self again after seeing her brother.

We talked to the doctor and he said that he wants to have Samuel to have his surgery before Christmas; perhaps even tomorrow. Please start praying for the surgery. Basically Samuel is hovering between 40% and 50% oxygen now and the doctor wants to repair the hernia and get on to the recovery stage. My parents are going to stay for a while longer.

God is so good. Leyla was hoping that the surgery would be sooner rather than later. I am dreaming that this summer we can drive to the beach. I can picture Crystal and Jasmine running and laughing with Samuel in the stroller smiling.

The damage to the minivan from the car accident we had yesterday was more than expected. The rim was bent, the sidewall of the tire was damaged, and it was knocked out of alignment. Basically we had to get a new rim, two new tires, and have the car aligned. Total cost; $489 before taxes. Ouch. I see the protection of God in this situation too. It could have been worse. Someone else ran into the fire hydrant on the same street and completely knocked it over. Two mailboxes were also run over in the same spot we had our accident.

However there is good news with the other car. The nail hole that was in the tire could not be repaired and there was Road Hazard Insurance on the tire. Sam's Club put on a new tire and balanced it for $13

Thank you for your prayers.


rustyandjen said...

We will be praying for Samuel heavily and fervently as tomorrow approaches in case the doctors feel it is time to repair his hernia. You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers and we anxiously await hearing how he is doing on Friday! Love, Rusty and Jen

mhutsell said...

OH WOW! Tomorrow is TODAY. I am praying! Love you all...M.