Friday, December 19, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 14

Thank God Samuel responded better than expected to the conventional ventilator today. He didn't have a set back like he did for the test two days ago. He was doing well with 41% oxygen since 11:15AM. I just called the nurse at 11:30pm and she said that Samuel was turned down to 36% oxygen and his stats are still good. All in all this was the best day so far. He has never been able to be lowered to 36% before.

Praise God, nothing broke today with the cars or the house. :)

We still don't know when the surgery will be; just sometime before Christmas next week. We will have a 24 hour notice from the doctor when the surgery is scheduled.

Thanks for praying.


Anonymous said...

Here in PR we're praying for Samuel and the whole family, my love to Leyla.
Xylia Castillo.

ftmomma said...

Praise God! Every bit of good news is a blessing. I am overjoyed to hear of Samuel's progress.

I am praying specifically against fear in your hearts as his surgery approaches. What a time of stretching - to trust God through this - but I am praying for supernatural strength for you to do just that! Trust and not fear.