Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 8

This is update 8. Scroll down for previous updates.

Samuel is continuing to do well. One of the things that they are giving him in addition to the oxygen is nitrous oxide to open up the lungs. He is now on 44% oxygen and they have changed the nitrous oxide from 20ppm to 10ppm. They are slowly weaning him off the respiratory equipment so he can have surgery to correct the diaphragmatic hernia. Samuel is actually doing well enough now that the doctor did a test hand respiration.
He is continuing to progress positively. Continue to pray that Samuel will get stronger.

This is not going to be a sprint but a marathon. I was talking to the nurse this morning she says that this process could take months. It looks like it is a minimum of two months for the best case scenario and up to a year for the worst case scenario. God has a plan for all of this. I am just so happy that I am able to visit my boy. I know that some day we will be playing legos and cars together like all dads do.
Pray for Leyla. She had a rough night last night due to the engorgement. She is emotionally and physically exhausted. She is going to rest in bed today.

Pray for Crystal, my 5 year old daughter. She cried for ten minutes last night because she lost a sticker. She doesn’t know how to express that something is not right.

I talked to the social worker and received the paperwork to fill out for the financial assistance.
More updates later.


Wendy Summerhill said...

I send many hugs and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, Marathon man.
You and Leyla and Samuel will get through this, and have many years of happiness in return.

Anonymous said...

Linda and I continue to pray for all of you. As ones who have been through difficult times like these, we are available to talk, consult, etc. Love to all. Linda and Jack Hayman

mhutsell said...

Ahh..hugs to Crystal. I know girls really process their grief and pain. It is such a sad thing to be missing Samuel right now instead of snuggling him. I send my hugs and love to her and Jasmine!

ftmomma said...

I'm reaching back into my child psychology classes here... but does Crystal like Little People or Barbies or any other kinds of dolls? Or does she like to draw? I am just thinking that maybe if she had the tools at hand - figures for each member of the family or if she drew them on paper - it might give her a framework to start processing some of what she is feeling. All she would need is someone to sit with her and listen to what she is saying as she plays/draws and ask some questions about what she is doing and why.

Now back to normal life when I don't sound so psychobabbly... :-)

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear all this news. Tell Leyla the engorgement is actually a good thing. We know that at least she's producing. The nurses in the NICU should have a double brest pump to rent, or one to use at the hospital. Akron Children's does this so I bet they do too. The pumping works better when both breasts are done at the same time. This will help with the discomfort and provide some powerful milk for Samuel. The babies do best on their own mom's milk when they can get it.--Cherie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these updates. Please know that y'all are in our thoughts and prayers! We miss you guys and pray for Samuel to grow stronger and for a fast recovery for Leyla, too! God bless,
Shannon and Brian