Sunday, December 21, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 16

Samuel's condition is about the same as yesterday. He is still at 36% oxygen and his stats are improving to around 96-98 oxygenation. He had an EKG done of his heart. He still has some pulmonary hypertension which is a common thing that goes along with the diaphragmatic hernia.

I will be going to the hospital tomorrow to be there when the doctors and the cardiologists review the EKG. It solely up to the surgeon when the surgery will be performed. If the EKG results are not where the surgeons think it should be; the surgery may be postponed.

Because they lowered the sedative/pain reliever (they are using Fentanyl) Samuel was so mad when they were suctioning the lines that he kicked off the blood pressure monitor that was on his foot. They had to bring in another nurse to hold him down. My boy is a fighter. :)

QSI, thanks for the lunches and the toys.
Margie thanks for the toys and money for the girls.
Mindy thanks for the wonderful gift basket.
Rita Jones thanks for the gift card.

We will have a big celebration when Samuel comes home. We don't know when that will be, but God does. We serve an awesome God.

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Lori said...

Greg & Leyla,
Sounds like little Samuel is showing everyone what he's made of! He's a strong fighter! We continue to pray for his recovery as well as for your hearts. I am sure you are aching to just hold him and bring him home. We continue to praise God for the progress Samuel has made! Thanks for updating us.
Love, Lori & 1Brian