Saturday, December 27, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 25

Sorry for no update yesterday. It was a busy day of after Christmas shopping. I wanted to take advantage of the deals. My winter coat was falling apart.

Samuel had a steady day yesterday. They lowered his oxygen to 36% and he stayed there all day. They had to give him a blood transfusion because his H&H was low. He was retaining some fluid so they did give him another dose of lasix.

My parents visited yesterday before heading back to their home. I am planning to visit today during doctor's rounds. Pastor Gabbard is planning to come to pray today as well.

Samuel says Merry Christmas!


ftmomma said...

Oooh I love to see pictures. You ALL look wonderful. When I look at this I see a soft sweet baby lying there and two loving parents. Of course none of this is as you imagined but there you are, still two loving parents and a darling baby with all that hair! Praying for the progress needed in order to bring him home. Merry Christmas!
(the boys' colds are still in progress - promise to update you when we're healthy in case you'd like the girls to have playtime with Ian and Caleb!)

lapgiff said...

So happy to hear all the good news on Samuel's progress, and confident that the Lord will continue to supply all your needs in accordance with His riches in Christ Jesus. We are with our folks all this week, but will be happy to see Samuel in person when we return after Jan. 1
Love to all, especially all the "Girls" (big and small!) at home--Linda & Gary