Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 23

God really answers prayers.

Even more good news on Samuel. Last night they were able to put him on the same amount of oxygen that he was getting before; 34%. This is great news since usually babies with this condition have to be put on a lot of extra oxygen, the oscillating ventilator or in the worst case ECMO. Samuel didn't need any of that.

Early in the morning Samuel needed some extra oxygen; 40%. This is okay. Most babies with this condition have a larger digression. When the surgeons made their rounds this morning at 6am they were surprised to see that Samuel's right lung is already almost as big as his left lung. If you remember last night we were told that it would take months to expand. That was an answer to one of my specific prayers the night of his birth; when they said that Samuel would not survive the night. I had prayed for two good lungs.

Samuel is being given a lot of pain medication and a medication to paralyze him. They want the ventilator to do all the work and for him to heal from the surgery. They want him immobile.

Thank you all for all the cards, and voice mails, and packages, and gifts. It is all overwhelming.

Thank you Chris and Megan for the beautiful ornament.
Wow Encouragers class, thanks for the help with the medical expenses.
Stacy Brown thank you for the death by chocolate desert.

Keep praying. Leyla is teary eyed every now and then because of the empty crib. Pray that Samuel will be at home with us soon.


Olga said...

Leyla and Greg
I am happy little Samuel is much better than expected. I wish I can help you, but we are far away in PR... but I will keep praying.
Love to all

mhutsell said...

Such great news. Wow...the Lord is so good...even when the news is not as we hoped. But, in this case...the news is wonderful! So GLAD GLAD GLAD! Merry Christmas...though I know you will miss Samuel being home. Hugs to Leyla.

Philip said...

I am glad to hear Samuel is doing better and that things are improving. My hopes have been with you that all will be well and that you have a Merry Christmas this year.

Please let Lisa and I know if there is anything we can do to help you in this time of need.

Philip Jordan