Sunday, December 14, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 4

This is update 4. Scroll down for previous updates.

Samuel responded well to the second sedative given to him which made him not fight the ventilator so much. He was weaned down during the night from 76% oxygen to 59% oxygen.

Today they took out the chest tube on his left lung. They also increased his nutrition to make him stockier for the upcoming surgery. We don't know when the surgery will be, except that it won't be in the next four to five days. He will need to be gradually be weaned off the ventilator.

Specific Prayer Needs:
0. Pray that Samuel would continue to get stronger.
1. Leyla has been very stressed out and cannot express any milk. We will be visiting a lactation consultant tomorrow. Pray for her peace.
2. My boss at work is going to see what the options are for taking additional time off. Pray that I will be able to get the time off that I need to take care of my wife and son.
3. Tomorrow we will be calling our health insurance to see what the out of pocket maximum is. We will also be meeting with the social worker at Children's Hospital to see what other financial assistance there is.


mhutsell said...

Greg, so sorry you are having to even think about work and finances at this time. Knowing that God meets all our needs...please have complete peace that He WILL provide. Make sure you let your needs be known to the body of Christ. Tell Leyla that I know it is very important to her that her milk comes in and I will pray that it comes in overflowing! Love to you guys! M.

Heather Brickley said...

Greg and Leyla,

David and I will be praying for all of you. We will be praying that God will give you the peace that only He can give and the strentgh to endure. We will pray as well for your specific requests.

Love Heather and David Brickley

Natalie said...


My thoughts and prayers are with you and Leyla. Stay strong and have faith that god is with you all.