Monday, December 22, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 17

The information that I have now is that the surgery for Samuel will be today, some time after 7pm. The surgery is about 2 hours long if there are no complications.

They increased Samuel's Fentanyl dose back to 1MCG/KG/HR because he really dislikes the ventilator tube. The nurses said that it is common that full term babies know that the ventilator tube is not supposed to be there and they are angry about it.

I was able to hold Samuel today. He opened his eyes for me and looked straight at me while I was talking to him. He then fell asleep in my arms.

Pastor Darrel Gabbard came all the way from Dublin to bless my lunch and also pray for Samuel. Dave Ratliff also came to pray at exactly the same time. What a blessing the body of Christ is.

I will blog later about Samuel's condition. It might be a long night. There are a lot of babies here because of the March blizzard this past year had a lot of conceptions. There are a lot of emergency surgeries.

Thanks for praying.

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mhutsell said...

PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING. I know there must be a mix of eagerness to see this over with and fear. May God bring incredible peace and incredible healing. So glad you got to hold him today. Must have been precious.