Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 9

Samuel remains stable and there has been no changes to his Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide levels. Crystal was able to visit Samuel for the first time tonight. She said that he is so cute. She asked big girl questions about all the equipment and what all of it did.

Leyla had a lot of success today with expressing milk. She used hot compresses and the pump from the hospital. It pumps both sides at the same time.

Phil Brown, Norm Fischer, and Pastor Gabbard thank you so much for your visits and prayers.

Kevin Brown thank you for taking care of the trash.

Stacy Brown thank you for letting Crystal and Jasmine come and play with Rachael tomorrow. Crystal really needs her friend now too.

Thanks to all that are reading this for your prayers. Samuel was steady eddy today with his oxygen levels. No set backs.


ColumbusMama said...

We have been praying for all of you through this. We are counting the miracles that God has already performed and know that there are many more headed your way. I am looking forward to visiting Samuel as soon as I am certain that I am germ-free. Thank you for keeping us all updated through your blog.

Gorin said...

To the Finzer Family:
I was very surprised and sad at the same time to hear about Samuel and what you are going thru. I will keep all of you in my prayers every day. Samuel is a little angel and he is in God's hands. It will take sometime but with all of our prayers he will get better and will be in his sweet home soon.
With all my love,
Your cousin, Gorin

mhutsell said...

Good news. Love the thought of Crystal seeing Samuel tonight. Must have been so precious to witness. Glad Leyla had some relief. And, I know it is a BIG relief. Love you guys! M.