Monday, December 15, 2008

Samuel Kenneth Finzer Update 6

This is update 6. Scroll down for previous updates.

More good news about Samuel. They were able to wean Samuel down to 45% oxygen tonight. The doctor said that he was tickled pink with Samuel's progress. I was finally able to have Samuel hold my finger. He has a strong grip. I previous days he was in more pain so he really didn't want to have anyone touch him and took his hand away. It is obvious that all the prayers are having a big impact in Samuel's life. He is progressing very well.

QSI team, thanks for all the wonderful lunches for this week.

Beth McElheny, thanks for picking up the FenuGreek.

Dave Ratliff, thanks for doing the research on the dishwasher.

The most incredible mother in law in the world decided to get us a dishwasher for Christmas.

The plan for tomorrow is visit Samuel in the morning so I can see the doctors at the beginning of their rounds. I will also be filling out paperwork on financial assistance with the medical bills.

Pray for Leyla she has become engorged with colostrum. She is still really sore as well.


Bethel Ellis said...

That is wonderful news. I am so glad that he was able to hold on to your finger. I am sure your heart melted at that. I remember when Karigan was weaned off enough of her meds that she was able to do that and it is such an amazing thing after seeing them so sedated all the time! We will continue to pray for you all.

mhutsell said...

Sitting here crying as I think of Priscilla getting you a new dishwasher and little Samuel holding your finger. Precious. Hey...engorgement is no fun...but that means all systems are GO! Pump Leyla Pump! Good news to go to bed on...thanks for keeping us up to date Greg! M.

ftmomma said...

Praise God! This is such a blessing to hear more and more good news. It was no trouble to get the fenugreek. I know what a sense of nurturing and positive feelings a mommy can have giving her baby breastmilk. I hope and pray for Leyla that she can feel that encouragement and accomplishment right now. Every little bit helps him, and her. God's design is good.